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An alphabetic list of names or subjects is called Index. It also represents a number referring to a list of terms, definitions, topics etc. arranged in alphabetical order in order to efficiently guide the readers to the desired information within the content. The index appears at the end of a nonfiction book and gives page numbers for each entry in the book.

Indexing facilitates in the organization of literature in such a manner that makes the document of interest easily identifiable by the readers.

Indexing Options

The authors may choose from the following two indexation options:

Formatting Index:

This index can be created normally with the assistance of a professional indexer (option present in Microsoft word), with the correct page numbers duly mentioned. It entails that the text file be sent to us, which will undergo the required formatting and will then be added to the end of the book/journal.

Creating Index:

This rules out the need to submit any pre-prepared index. The authors need to simply submit the manuscript or a book chapter for preparing the index.


  • What is indexing?
    An index is a systematic arrangement of entries designed to enable users to locate information in a document. The process of creating an index is called Indexing.
  • How is indexing done?
    The indexer usually receives a set of page proofs for the book (images of the actual pages as they will appear, including final page numbers), at the same stage when the document is undergoing final proofreading. The indexer requires the page proofs, to make a list of headings and subheadings (term to appear in the index) and the location of each pertinent reference. After completion of the rough index, it is edited for structure, clarity and consistency, formatted to specifications, proofread and submitted to the client as final soft copy.
  • How much time is required for indexing?
    It depends on the length of manuscript. The more the content of the manuscript, the more time it will take to be indexed.
  • Are illustrations and tables in documents indexed?
    Sometimes the illustrations, diagrams, pictures or table include extra information that does not appear in the text. Therefore, it is essential to mention that in the index.
  • Why is a professional Indexer needed?
    A book is sometimes not only judged by its cover, but also by its index. Discerning readers always evaluate the style and content of the Index. A professionally prepared index gives the product the accessibility that readers want.