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ITS has a full-fledged Event Management Division which specializes in the complete management and marketing of conferences, offering complete solutions from lining up resource persons and participants in any discipline of science, social science and humanities to managing funds.

Our Specialization

Conference Organization & Management

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Registration Services / Delegate Registration

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Payment & fee collection

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Housing Services/Venues Location

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Technical and AV support

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Preparation of Delegate Packs

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Exhibition Sales & Management

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Fund Management and Sponsorships

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Event Marketing Services & Press Release (PR)

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Value Added Event Management and Production

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I book a venue?
    Keeping in consideration your requirements, we will search some suitable venues on your behalf. Only after the site visit and your approval onwards, the matter for venue booking will be persuaded. The Administration of the venue will be responsible to send you an official contact letter to sign with their terms and conditions.
  • How quickly can you find us a venue?
    We will send you a written proposal usually within 1 or 2 days. The sooner we receive information from you regarding your objectives and requirements, the sooner can your request be processed.
  • How many venues will you source for us?
    We will suggest 2-3 best suitable venues.
  • How soon before a potential event do we need to contact you?
    Organizing a conference requires enormous time frame. The sooner you contact us with your specifications, the more time you will have to negotiate on the venues, to eventually have the best you want.
  • Do you source venues internationally?
    To view the list of regions where we can offer our services, please visit www.eureka-science.com
  • I really don't have time to organise the event on the day, can I get someone else to do that for me?
    Yes, we also provide an Event Management Service which is tailored to your requirements.
  • Our event involves speakers and presentations, how do we hire flipcharts, microphones, AV (Audio Visual) equipment etc?
    No, I.T.S will provide at exception cost.


  • How do I pre-register to visit?
    Pre registration service is available online.
  • I may be interested in taking an exhibition stand, how do I do this?
    Please contact the organizers by using the "Contact Us" section.
  • I have pre-registered but have lost / not received my badge; what should I do?
    There is no need to register again; we can print another badge for you at the event.
  • When will I receive my pre-registration badge?
    On the spot.
  • When will I receive my pre-registration badge?
    On the spot.
  • Who is exhibiting at the event?
    You may have a look at the full exhibitor's list which is available on event website.
  • Is there a "Lost Property" office?
    Please check with the organiser's office at the exhibition to drop in or collect any items.


  • How much is a stand at the event, and how do I book?
    For full stand packages, please visit the individual exhibition website or contact the sales team through the "Contact Us" page above.
  • Can I store equipment / pallets / empty boxes at the exhibition?
    Please contact the organizers by using the "Contact Us" section.
  • I want to hang posters / equipment / displays to my stand, what do I need to do this?
    Our stand fitters recommend double sided sticky tape, Velcro or sticky pads. These are not supplied by the organizers. Do not screw or nail into the walls of your stand, you will be charged to replace any damaged panels.
  • What colours are the walls of my stand?
    They are white, different colours may be arranged with prior contact through the official stand fitters.
  • When do I receive my Exhibitor pack?
    Your exhibitor pack will be waiting for you to be collected at the Organizers office when you arrive at the event.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • I.T.S requires various details from clients to process bookings for organizing events.
  • I.T.S keeps clients records in confidence and does not disclose contact information to any third parties and use them except in connection with processing the clients bookings and in the management of the event the client is attending.
  • The client's credit card details are neither stored nor retained on the company's server, nor on any company equipment.
  • The policies laid down exclude any disclosure that the company is required to make for legal reasons.
  • I.T.S reserves the right to refuse any bookings made through the online system without providing a reason - and will duly notify to the client and any payment made will be reimbursed.

Terms & Conditions


All fees are current at the time of finalization; however, the company reserves the right to change them. I.T.S reserves the right to either cancel or postpone events, intimating, where possible, 5 days earlier.

Additionally, the company maintains the right to alter the charges at any time prior to the Event to cover the increased costs incurred in providing the Services.

Additional Delegate Rates

Additional delegate rates apply on bookings made at the same time on the same course; see special rates, group rates and early bird specials for more information.

Delegates Traveling from Outside the Conference Venue

The clients are strongly recommended not to book flights, accommodation, rental cars etc. until they have received a confirmation letter stating that the event has been confirmed and progressing smoothly, since I.T.S. We will not be liable for any traveling costs incurred as a result of precarious cancellation, however, a prior notice will be given at the most 5 working days earlier.

Payment: No later than 48 hours before event

Payment can be made by cheque or by electronic transfer. Please quote the reference number from your invoice so that payments can be tracked.

Delegates will not be allowed to attend without payment having been received.

For late bookings - payment can be made on the morning of the event.


A Reservation shall be deemed to be an offer by the Client to purchase the Services subject to these terms and conditions. No Reservation shall be accepted until I.T.S confirms the Reservation in writing, by e-mail or by telephone subject to availability and payment of the Charges.

Terms of Payment

Payment shall be due on the clients as follows:

  • For a Reservation accepted by I.T.S 60 days or less prior to the Event, the payment will be due within 7 days of I.T.S's acceptance of the Reservation.
  • For a Reservation accepted by I.T.S more than 60 days prior to the Event, 50% of the payment will be due (or such proportion of the Charges as I.T.S stipulates) within 7 days of acceptance of the Reservation and the balance no later than 54 days before the Event.
  • No payment shall be made until I.T.S is in receipt of cleared funds.

Non Payment

In case the client fails to make due payments within the stipulated time frame, the company is liable to treat the Contract as terminated and reallocate the Services to third parties without reference to the client or charge the cancellation charges set out.

Late Payment

If the client fails to make due payments under the Contract the client will be liable to pay surcharge to I.T.S on such sums from the due date for payment at the annual rate of 2% .


Any extra services provided by I.T.S at the Client's request (not included with the original Services) are chargeable and will become due for payment within 7 days of any invoice issued to the Client in respect of the extra services.
Alteration To Services Requested By Client

I.T.S will endeavour to accommodate any alterations changes will apply to the Services requested by the Client but is not obliged and cannot guarantee to do so.

Changes To Services By I.T.S

I.T.S will endeavour to provide the Services but reserves the right at its discretion to alter, amend or change the Services (including alterations, amendments or changes in time, date and venue) should it be found necessary to do so and shall have no liability to the Client for such alterations, amendments or changes except for refund of any money no longer required to be paid to a third party.


I.T.S is under no obligation to issue tickets and other documents for the Event until it receives full payment of the Charges.

In case the client does not collect tickets and other documents relating to the Event from I.T.S and requires I.T.S to post these items, risk in these items shall pass to the Client upon the items being posted to the address provided by the Client.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the client:

Upon receiving the notification set out, I.T.S shall be entitled to charge the following cancellation charges:

Bookings cancelled 12 weeks or more before an event will be refunded, less an administration charge of 50% of payment.

Bookings cancelled 8 to 10 weeks before an event will be subject to a cancellation charge of up to 100% of fees paid - depending on the event.


Unless advised otherwise, a substitute delegate may attend the event in your place at no additional cost provided that I.T.S is intimated about the name of the substitute delegate.

Cancellation by the company:

• In case of cancellation by the company - a full refund of all payments will be made to the client, which would entail only the sums paid to the company by the client and the company will not be held responsible for any consequential losses suffered by the client as a result of the cancellation. • Payment of cancellation charges is due within 7 days of any invoice issued in respect of cancellation charges.


A written notification needs to be sent to I.T.S in case of cancellation of the services. The client may contact I.T.S for further information at: info@eureka-science.com or Tel: +971-6-5575783 or Fax: +971-6-5575784


I.T.S provides no warranty that the Event shall take place at the time and place stipulated or at all. I.T.S provides no warranty as to the quality, suitability or otherwise of the Event.

Authority of I.T.S

The Client and his guests will comply with all reasonable instructions given by I.T.S.

The Client and his guests are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour at the Event.

The Client and his guests will not introduce any signage or other promotional material at the Event without the prior written consent of I.T.S.