Data Conversions

I.T.S specializes in providing Data conversion services to publishers, typesetters and also to major corporations worldwide for the following coding structures: XML, HTML etc. and vice versa.

A Data Conversion Division is dedicatedly involved in:

- Digitally converting hard copy data to any digital format

- Converting any given digital format to other desired digital format

The Technology & Development Division comprises of highly skilled technicians with expertise in various conversion tools.

High quality of the converted data using proven systems and procedures is ensured. Services extend to books, journals and periodicals, conference proceedings, newsletters, presentations and others.

Graphics Services

Image Processing:

I.T.S has highly skilled graphic artists and a sophisticated graphics infrastructure for handling the graphic requirements of a title that includes scanning, disk processing, line-art origination and editing. Our skilled professionals are well versed with the following graphic softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDraw, Chem Window and ChemDraw.


High-resolution scanners are used for scanning half-tones, transparencies and slides. All halftones are color corrected using calibrated monitors under proper lighting environment (D50 Lighting). Knowledgeable operators use ICC profiles and good infrastructure for color calibration on scanners, monitors and proofers.