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Copy Editing

Ineffectively composed manuscripts with grammatical errors, minor inconsistencies, and incoherently presented concepts render the manuscripts unacceptable‚ despite the efforts that may have gone into preparing them. Our professional copy editing can help writers to improve accuracy, readability and coherency of the text. Copy editing task may vary from being light to heavy, depending on the content. Our Copy editors offer their services to those seeking high quality English language improvement.

Incorrect diction and linguistic errors may damage the impression of a writer, resulting in disinterest on the part of the reader. Therefore, every literal composition requires editing. For a document to be acceptable for publication, it must follow an organized layout and must be error free. ITS ensures that your manuscript fulfills the basic international publishing standards at an affordable price, with reliable turnaround times and dependable services.

Type of Scripts Handled:

All paper types are acceptable.

Services Offered:

Following are some of the services offered to individual writers and corporations:

  • Copyediting: Reviewing and correction of grammar.
  • Content Editing: Copyediting plus a detailed review of structure and content. Manuscripts are checked for punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, subject and verb agreement, proper word use, clarity of point of view, redundancies/repetitions, inconsistencies, dialogue flow and format, without changing the author's intent.
  • Manuscript Critique: Polishing of the manuscript.
  • Book Doctoring: Extensive reviewing and rewriting of your existing manuscript.
  • Writing and Publishing Consultancy: Our consultants can help you find your way into print.
  • Manuscript Evaluation: Full report reviews structure, content, style, mechanics, and genre.

The editors provide a continuous assessment throughout the editing and writing process.

If you wish to get your piece of writing analyzed and corrected to perfection, I.T.S is the best option!

Turnaround Time & Channel:

While scientific editors provide guidelines on the subject matter, sources, etc., English language experts will ensure your presentation stays focused on the core ideas. The experienced and dedicated editors of I.T.S are up to-date with current news, views and trends, seek practical assistance, browse market resources and respect author's vision. Also, they have sufficient skills in working with non-Native English speakers. Many are published authors themselves who know exactly what the agents and publishers are looking for.

Regular (7 to 10 days) - depending on the service/ facility

Urgent (1 to 3 days) - depending on the service/ facility
All work is performed in two ways:

  1. Online (preferable)
  2. Conventional (surface mailing)


Fees charged by I.T.S are competitive to the market and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will not charge you.

Parameters for defining fee structure are as follows:

  • Regular Turnaround Time
  • Urgent Turnaround Time
  • Nature of Assignment (Light Editing or Extensive)
  • Discount Offered (if any)
  • Rendered Through Conventional Way
  • Rendered Via Online
  • Incorporation of Editor's Revision (This is an extra service.)
  • Individuals
  • Corporate

Sample Edit:

Our portfolio has credits for editing several published papers/books, through traditional large and small publishing houses.

View Sample Edit. You may submit a 100-word document for free editing.

Sample 1


Sublingual route increase the efficacy of drug by dissolving in few seconds in oral cavity. Fast dissolving tablet sublingual tablet is mostly acceptable in emergency because it does not require chewing as well as water for administration. Important advantage of sublingual route is it bypass the hepatic circulation of drug ultimately increase the bioavaibility of drug rapid onset of action and patient compliance.


Sublingual route increases the efficacy of the drug by dissolving in few seconds in the oral cavity. Being a fast dissolving tablet, the sublingual tablet is mostly acceptable in an emergency because it does not require chewing as well as water for administration. An important advantage of the sublingual route is that it bypasses the hepatic circulation of the drug, ultimately increasing the bioavailability of the drug with rapid onset of action and patient compliance.

Sample 2


Docking and ADMET data of various molecules was done by Schrodinger Glide and PreADMET software respectively. Here, results presented the efficacy of various inhibitors towards enzyme G-6-P synthase. Docking scores, binding energy and ADMET data of various molecules shows good inhibitory potential toward G-6-P synthase as compared to standard antibiotics. This novel antimicrobial drug target G-6-P synthase not so much explored for its application in antimicrobial therapy, so the work done so far is highly required. This article helps the drug researcher group and scientists to explore more about this wonderful antimicrobial drug target.


Docking analysis was conducted and ADMET data of various molecules were evaluated by Schrodinger Glide and PreADMET software, respectively. Here, the results presented efficacy of various inhibitors for the enzyme G-6-P synthase. Docking scores, binding energy and ADMET data of various molecules showed good inhibitory potential for G-6-P synthase as compared to standard antibiotics. This novel antimicrobial drug target G-6-P synthase has not so extensively been explored for its application in antimicrobial therapy, so the work done so far has proved highly essential. This article has helped the drug researchers and scientists to intensively explore this wonderful antimicrobial drug target.

Frequently asked questions:

  • In which languages do you work?
    English. Contact us about other languages.
  • Why is it important to get the document edited before publication?
    At times, the author himself may not consider the minor, or sometimes even the major language inconsistencies, which may leave the reader uninterested in reading the document. Even a good research may not come out well to the reader if it is not appropriately presented. Therefore, it is essential that even a good document gets assessed by a native speaker to identify and eliminate any sort of grammatical, typographical etc. errors.
  • Do you specialize in a particular field of editing or do you cater to all genres?
    Our editing spans over varied fields including medicine, science and technology, arts and commerce, humanities, engineering, computer science etc.
  • What if the editing services provided by you do not grant me the desired level of satisfaction? Will I still be liable to pay the fees?
    I.T.S offers professional editing services to meet their clients' satisfaction. In case on one attempt the document does not meet your level of satisfaction, it will go through another round of editing for the same charges paid only once.
  • Do you guarantee success?
    Writing, like any creative human activity, is an uncertain and often difficult process. If you engage our services, we will make all possible efforts to grant clarity to the document. However, rationality of contents is as important as correctness of contents for a piece of writing to be acceptable by peers. Therefore, I.T.S Consultants cannot guarantee acceptance of edited documents by journals. Rather, we undertake to remove the threat of rejection due to the following:
    1. In the case of editing of English, deficiencies of English grammar and style.
    2. In the case of assessment of logic and flow of argument, deficiencies in logical structure. This makes the acceptance of your paper dependent solely on the academic quality of its content. Final responsibility for documents rests with authors.
  • Will you write my term paper or dissertation for me?
    No. We are well aware of the existence of Web sites which offer to write essays for students and that is not what we do. While our work inevitably involves some proofreading, we are acutely aware of the dangers of sliding into a position of co-authorship with the client.
  • Would the fee be paid at the time of submission of the document for editing or after the document has been finally edited?
    The invoice will be sent as soon as the document is received and the payment will be due accordingly.
  • What responsibility does I.T.S owe in terms of paper handling or copyright
    While I.T.S takes all reasonable care with the conversion of documents, final responsibility for the meaning and use of the document remains solely with the client. I.T.S and its consultants disclaim liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of edited material.