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Life With ITS

At ITS, you’re part of a family of leaders; leaders who challenge the way things are being done, and find disruptive ways to break norms and create impact; leaders who will always have your back.

With us, you are expected to execute relentlessly and fail spectacularly. We want you to laugh a lot, enjoy nonstop, and have a blast every minute of working together.

Core Values

Every day, we greet a world of opportunities, disruptive ideas, and technologies with renewed excitement. Six core values guide every decision we make as individuals and as teams.

Be Proactive

Pay attention. Take charge and lead whenever and wherever an opportunity presents itself.

Respect For All

Empathize. Respect others for their uniqueness, even when you have a difference of opinions.


Share ideas and opinions without fearing criticism or ridicule. Wild and weird ideas are appreciated.

Embrace Change

Change is necessary for growth. Be open to adapting and embracing change whole-heartedly instead of fighting it.

Win as a Team

Be comfortable working with others to reach a goal. Great things are always achieved together.

Create Value

Make work better for all. Contribute relentlessly. Be curious and bring joy and optimism to work.

Our Benefits

Being a new-age company, we believe in serving our employees. We do this by nurturing an environment where they can thrive and work on their very own innovative ideas, offering a wide range of benefits, and constantly finding new ways to keep our talent pool relevant, valuable, and market competitive.

Fulfilling Work. Fast-Paced Career Paths.

7 Layers to the top

Unlike traditional companies that have 12 and more steps in their career ladder, we have just 7. You have a clearer path to rise through the ranks.

Competitive Packages

As one of the top tech companies in Pakistan, our compensation packages are highly competitive, in terms of your salary, performance rewards, and plethora of benefits.

Wellbeing & Continued Support.

Employee Wellbeing Program

As one of the top tech companies in Pakistan, our compensation packages are highly competitive, in terms of salary, performance rewards, and plethora of benefits.

Medical Coverage

Employees and their immediate families are covered for a wide range of emergencies and incidents, including In-patient & Day Care (IPD) and Out-patient & Day Care (OPD).

Maternity Support

Our employees are part of the ITS family from day one of their joining, therefore, We provide maternity and paternity support to all our employees.

Serious Injury/Accidental Support

In case of an unfortunate event of serious injury or serious health issues, ITS extends support to ease off the financial burden of the family. The employee continues to receive full monthly salary for up to 12 months.

Learning & Development.

Learning Events

ITS makes it easy for people to attend learning events within and outside ITS as interacting with people who are doing interesting work revitalizes people’s thought to perform better.

Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed learning is an integral part of ITS. We support self-learners and DIY enthusiasts by extensively planning time for learning as well as providing the resources and help they need.

Structured Trainings

Structured trainings are scheduled on a wide range of topics throughout the year to educate and develop the skillsets and mindsets of our employees.

Online Courses

With a wide range of learning sessions that we offer to train our employees, we also impart different gadgets training sessions to expose our employees with particular features of the products.

Perks & Rewards.

Performance Bonuses

Performance is not just appreciated, but fully rewarded at ITS.


Employees have EOBI enrollment and matching contributions by ITS.

Interest Free Loans

As part of our financial wellness, we offer Interest Free Loans with simple payment options to all employees.

Time Off/Flexibility.

Public Holidays

ITS remains closed on all public federal holidays throughout the calendar year.

Paternity & Maternity Leaves

ITS celebrates and supports parenthood. Employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leaves from Day 1 of joining.

Bereavement Leaves

Paid leave is available to employees to grieve their loss in case of the death or funeral of a member of their immediate family.

Disability Leaves

In case of serious injuries leading to disability, employees are entitled to disability leaves for recovery.

Wedding Leaves

Employees are entitled to take time off for their weddings. This is in addition to their PTOs.

Pilgrimage Leaves

Employees are entitled to avail up to 30 days of paid leaves for performing pilgrimage.

Work from Home

To accommodate family emergencies and other special cases, employees are allowed to work from home.

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