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Graphic Enhancement

Importance of Graphic Enhancement

It is not only the text that holds significance to present concepts but also good, clear, legible and accurate illustrations, figures and diagrams grant authenticity to a research. Bad quality, illegible or fuzzy form of pictorial representation drastically destroys the impact of the article.

Artwork Rendering and Image Processing

Artwork Rendering and Image Processing

Capable graphic designers at I.T.S can improve the quality of figures and diagrams greatly addressing any inaccuracies in the graphics. A wide range of services are offered such as editing and creation of illustrations, correction of halftones, scanning and redrawing of artwork.

I.T.S is skilled in conducting color scanning, color correction and color separation.

High-resolution scanners are used for scanning halftones, transparencies, and slides, employing the following graphic softwares:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • CorelDraw
  • ChemDraw

For competitive reasons, I.T.S prefers not to reveal the entire suite of softwares that it uses. In case of usage of any specific softwares in your organization, kindly intimate us.


A highly skilled and thoroughly experienced graphic department manages the following

Graphic Enhancement:
  • Vector Designing
  • Line-Art Origination

Graphic Design & Development:

  • Hand Scathe Drawing
  • Converting Raster Image to Vector

Chemical Structures Drawing and Development:

  • Simple Structures
  • Complex Structures
  • 3D Structures


  • Complex Line-Art
  • Maps
  • Scientific Formulae